Like magic?  Want to learn?  Then we're your shop!  Here at Divine
Magic we offer some of the newest magic and some of the classics,
in a relaxed setting.  We carry a massive amount of packaged tricks
and some of the best instructional DVD's out there.  We have a
small selection of books, but can always try to locate something if
you don't see it.  One of our top notch demonstrators will help you
find what you are looking for and keep you entertained with the
newest effects and some of the time honored classics.

We have silks, sponge balls, close up pads, cards, coins, novelty
items and numerous bits of business.  The inventory changes
regularly so STOP IN!

The shop also host some of the best lectures around.  Here you can
see professionals showcase their magic and then give you
instructions on what makes effective performances and
techniques.  Pleas check back often.  We'll be listing the lectures as
the come in so stay tuned.

Just a tip:  One of the best days to come in the shop for magicians is
Saturday.  A lot of local magicians come to hang out here on the
weekends, so you never know who you might see.  This is a great
chance for new comers to get some helpful advice on performing
and techniques.  Drop in and have fun!

Here are some pictures of our Magic selections and this area of the
shop.  As you can see, there is something for everyone!

Here is some of our packaged tricks.  On the far left, you can see
our instructional DVD's and VHS's.

This "L" shaped counter is devoted to gags, pranks and the
"Royal/Adams" line of magic.

A larger view of the DVD's and VHS's.

More packaged items and such.

Sleight of hand and beyond....